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Plantmax SUPER High Presure Sodium

Plantmax SUPER High Presure Sodium
SUPER High Presure Sodium lamps with adjusted blue spectrum brings you the best yields in flowering and fruiting

Model Description Retail
PX-LU150Plantmax 150W. HPS High Output 16,000 lumens$24.95
PX-LU250Plantmax 250W. HPS High Output 29,000 lumens$29.95
PX-LU400Plantmax 400W. HPS High Output 50,000 lumens$29.95
PX-LU430Plantmax 430W. HPS High Output 58,000 lumens$39.95
PX-LU600Plantmax 600W. HPS High Output 90,000 lumens$79.95
PX-LU750Plantmax 750W. HPS High Output 106,000 lumens$79.95
PX-LU1000Plantmax 1000W. HPS High Output 140,000 lumens$69.95

Model Description Retail
PX-LU150-CasePlantmax 150W. HPS HO 16,000 lumens (12/cs) $299.40
PX-LU250-CasePlantmax 250W. HPS HO 29,000 lumens (24/cs) $359.40
PX-LU400-CasePlantmax 400W. HPS HO 50,000 lumens (24/cs) $359.40
PX-LU430-CasePlantmax 430W. HPS HO 58,000 lumens (24/cs) $479.40
PX-LU600-CasePlantmax 600W. HPS HO 90,000 lumens (24/cs) $959.40
PX-LU750-CasePlantmax 750W. HPS HO 106,000 lumens (24/cs) $959.40
PX-LU1000-CasePlantmax 1000W. HPS HO 140,000 lumens (12/cs) $839.40

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