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FloraNectar Natural Sugar

FloraNectar Natural Sugar
FloraNectar Natural Sugar 0-0-1 contains all natural raw cane sugar, molasses, malt syrup, select plant based esters, L-amino acids, organic acids, polyflavonoids, vitamins and essential minerals. This unique blend of ingredients helps your plants regulate enzymes that trigger specific reactions involved in maintaining optimal metabolism. This allows your plants to achieve a balance between respiration and photosynthesis in high intensity growing environments where the rate of respiration can sometimes exceed the rate of photosynthesis. As a result, FloraNectar ensures optimal metabolic rates during the flowering and fruiting phase when nitrogen levels have been reduced. A wonderful way to increase carbs and help plants promote a sturdier structure.

Model Description Retail
GH1742FloraNectar Natural Sugar 1 qt (12/cs)$21.00
GH1743FloraNectar Natural Sugar 1 gal (4/cs) $58.80
GH1744FloraNectar Natural Sugar 2.5 gal (2/cs)$132.30
GH1745FloraNectar Natural Sugar 6 gal (1/cs)$262.50

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