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NANO CUBE Dimmable E-Ballast

NANO CUBE Dimmable E-Ballast


NANOLUX Dimmable Cube The Nanolux Digtal Ballast just got BETTER with a CUBE design and several new great features!

  • same high quality that made Nanolux Series Lighting the best selling electronic ballast on the market is now found in this new, smaller, smarter package.

    Nanolux Cube ballast has the unheard of dimensions of 3" x3" x3", and runs cooler than ever with a bigger fan . These units are also lighter than ever with 1000/600 watt weighing in at 4 lbs.

  • In addition to the popular Dimming function, which allows you to operate your ballast at 100%, 75%, and 50% power,
  • alspincorporated our new Random Start and our unique Safety-Check System. Random Start, gives each ballast a 0-15 second window upon which it will strike the bulb. This allows for a less intense initial power draw when using multiple ballasts for larger gardens.

    STATUS Indicator: There are five basic responses you should see from your LED Diagnostic System.

  • 1 Constant green: Operating in normal manner.
  • 2 Blink in .5 second: Fan failure or obstruction.
  • 3 Blink in 1 second: Under (80Vac) or over voltage (290Vac) protection. Check your main power supply should this occur.
  • 4 Blink in 2 seconds: Short or open circuit protection. Your ballast will attempt to restart af ter 50 seconds, and is programmed to automatically shutdown af ter 20 strike attempts for safety. ,li.5 Blink in 3 Seconds: High Temperature safety shut down. Ballast will automat ically restar t when the internal tempera tures are under 50C/ 122F.

    specifications: 1Input voltage range: 100-265Vac( North American Market ) 2 Power Factor: > 0.99 3 Crest Factor: < 1.7 4 Total Harmon ic Distortion (THO) : < 10% 5 Operating Temperature: -30C-50C/ -2 2F- 122F 6 Output Frequency: :2:. 30KHz 7 Strikes both H PS and M H lamps 8 Strikes bulbs from up to 50f t

  • Model Description Retail
    NC6NanoLux Cube 600W Dimmab;e$215.00
    NC100NanoLux Cube 1000W. Dimmable$299.00

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