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There is a login issue with old versions of Internet Explorer (version 8 or less). When IE8 advanced privacy settings are set a certain way, Internet Explorer will not accept the website cookie if this website is opened in a browser tab.

There is no way to fix this issue on the website, the problem is caused by privacy settings in old versions of Internet Explorer.

  • If you are using IE8 or less, log into the website without having it open in a tab.
  • Or make sure "Always Allow Session Cookies" is checked under "privacy settings" > "advanced".
  • You can also use a different brower; IE9, Firefox, Saffari and Opera are not affected by this issue.
If you are not using IE8 or less and are having problems, make sure your browser is set to accept ccokies. If the problem persists please email with the browser/version you are using so we can look into it.
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